Why is Happy Pettings Dog Training the Best?

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Dogs are no less than children. They are naughty, overly excited, mischievous, trouble makers and adorably cute. If your dog is 1 to 2 year old, it is the best time for training. Usually it is preferred the young the better and when dogs are 6 months old the basics start. But according to us any dog of any age can be trained. Our best dog trainers will train your pet for complete development. Happy Pettings is the best name in dog training. Moreover, our dog training services are within your reach.

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Certified Dog Trainer

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Get Your Dog Trained?

Our excellent pet training services are aimed at providing your dog with basic training, behavioural training, obedience training, and agility training. This helps to make your dog presentable and sociable.

We help your dog gain a balanced personality and fulfil day-to-day demands.
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Our training services includes:

  • Helping your dog to follow walking regime which will include fixed timing so that they can intuitively follow and wait for their walks.
  • Food regime includes eating timings and accepting new kinds of food.
  • Understanding basic commands like sit, stand, jump, roll over, attack, stop, eat, to wave, to give comfort etc.
  • To behave and not create troubles if stopped from something. To remember and follow the commands of their master.

The important aspect at Happy Pettings is that they don’t believe in breeds. They don’t distinguish between a stray dog and a pedigree. So whatever dog you might have you can still avail the same services with a very homely atmosphere and make your dog happy all the time. The three friendliest dogs that the Happy Pettings own i.e. Guggu, Happy and breezer you dogs will never feel alone in their company and will learn simultaneously. Dogs follow other dogs and this becomes an important aspect of training. Watching the other dog play, eat, adhere to the commands your dog will try to follow the same and this will make their training session fun and interesting.

A promise to keep your pet healthy and safe.

Pet Boarding

18+ years of experience
in handling dogs professionally, over 5000+ dogs as experience.
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Book a personalized pet grooming session with Happy Pettings pet groomers who take pleasure in making your furry kids look good.
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Pet Taxi

Pet taxi service provides safe and friendly dog pick up and drop off services to help alleviate your troubles.
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Other Services

We make training session fun for your dog and are completely against the harsh. We’re proud of our fun and easygoing attitude.
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